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Charrell & Fred

I try to remind my clients that the engagement shoot isn't just another photo session for me. To me it's just as important as their big day, in fact, it may be more important because that initial first impression is everything.

The engagement shoot gives me an opportunity to learn about the clients. It's important that I see how they work with one another. Some couples are shy, some like to take less risk and some just come flat out prepared.

That last statement highlights this engagement session perfectly.


Charrell and Fred were the perfect pair.

The session took place at the Edsel and Elanor Ford House, right on the shore of Lake St. Claire.

Charrell scouted this location prior to our shoot and for a small fee, we were allowed entrance onto the property.


After the first few photographs, I began to understand why Charrell was so in love with this location. The property itself was beautiful, I was amazed at how many different looks we were able to capture while there. 

One of my favorite scenes here was the water. 

I also tried to let them enjoy the scene. I made sure to take some photos with a longer lens so they could embrace the environment. I left them alone for several minutes and just allowed them to be themselves, this resulted in some great candid photogrpahs.


It's always special when you get the opportunity to photograph two individuals who trust each other. 

You could tell the love was real.

Charrell and Fred are tying the knot on August 9, 2019 at the Noah's Event Venue in Auburn Hills. 

Jeremy CranfordComment