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Yvette & Carl &.....

In the past Maternity shoots..... They just aren't my thing. I vowed to not shoot them and I even turned them down. Over the past months more people have been asked me to shoot this special occasion.

Meet Yvette & Carl
An awesome couple who's chemistry rivals most. I met them for the first time 2 weeks ago after photographing their baby shower.
Pictured below.

Yvette and Carl recently went to Miami for a "Bae"cation.  While there they had their maternity photos taken. What better place then Miami to capture those images! On top of that, little did Yvette know Carl had something up his sleeve. He then proposed to her right in the middle of their photo session. Awesome! right?


Here's the killer part, the photographer lost all their images. Sad right?  

Based upon that mishap, I was able to do their maternity session. Towards the end of our shoot Yvette says, "This is how it was suppose to be anyway" This is us. This is home.


I photographed them at my studio and at the Belle Isle park.


Here are some studio shots.

Here are my favorites.
The shots from Belle isle, overlooking the city skyline. 

So what better place then Miami to take your maternity session? Home. Detroit, Michigan.  



Yvette & Carl are keeping the baby's gender a surprise. BUT... If I had to guess from today's blue skies and their blue clothing, my guess would be they're having a BOY! 
Either way I know these two are going to be happy!
The bundle of joy is set to arrive on July 27th!

I sent the gallery to Yvette the next morning and this was her response.

Responses like this keep me going,  I don't know... maybe I have something here.