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Meet Delia & Anthony

Delia called me with an awesome idea. She wanted to do a night shoot, but there was a catch. She wanted to use a theater marquee with their Save the Date information displayed. After talking with the local theater, this was something that could not be accomplished. BUMMER! We did not let that defeat us. Our next option was to walking the city to see what we could create. 

Literally, after taking a few steps forward, Delia and Anthony were expressing how we had been passing so many places they loved to eat. We were in Royal Oak, one of their favorite hang outs. It was getting dark so the lights began to illuminate the city. We stopped at a bench where the two of them melted in to each others arms. It all became so natural to them being in their element. 

As the night went on we were able to capture unparalleled moments, by the railroad, in the street as people in their cars drove by gazing! I really enjoyed working with these two, I can't wait to photograph the big day.  Delia and Anthony will be tying the knot on June 11, 2016. Stay tuned in, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson blog is on its way!

Jeremy CranfordComment