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Future Mr & Mrs Squirewell

Meet this awesome couple, Cortnie and Aaron. 

Fellow creative, Videographer -Everette, referred Cortnie to me. He often does this when his clients are looking for photography as well as video.

Lets just say from the time I first spoke with Cortnie we hit it off. 
No and not like that!! she's engaged! 

It felt like I was talking to a friend of 10 years, 
not this new client that was just referred to me 5mins prior.

These two weren't scared to show their love for one another. 

They both love to bike ride, so it was only right to represent with a Detroit built Shinola bicycle. 

I sent the picture below to Cortnie just hours after we shot. 

And this was her reaction. Screen shot below

Cortnie and Aaron are tying the knot on July 16th, 2016


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