Motion & Stills


Spur of the moment

I recently did a shoot with artist Keely Ferguson, a collab effort with stylist Alyssa Solomon. I've work with Keely countless times over the years so we have a chemistry that rivals most.

What was crazy about this shoot, as the title says, it was spur of the moment. We didn't know Tony "the biker." We met him 15 minutes prior to me taking these shots.


L-R Alyssa,Tony,Keely, Lauren

L-R Alyssa,Tony,Keely, Lauren

Alyssa had connections with the owner of the space we were originally at, he allowed us to come while closed and let us shoot. After letting us in, he left. About an hour later Tony walks in and startles us a tad but we continued to shoot. A few hours go by and on his way out Tony introduced himself. We all looked at him, and said you have to get in this shoot!! 

- He had this look that fit the scene perfectly. We told him we're creating art and he was intrigued. After chatting for a few minutes he agreed to take part in our shoot. We shot for about 30 minutes, I didn't want to hold him hostage for to long.  As he was walking out the second time he proceeded to say "hey guys if you want I have a motorcycle out back we can use that too".

& the rest is history 

Thanks to everyone that made this possible.